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B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

Collaborative & Strategic Thinking

"I absolutely love working with Jen. Not only is she absolutely a dream to work with – open, communicative, strategic and curious – she is an expert in the area of social media. She consistently demonstrates strong knowledge of social media best practices for our B2B clients, which she leverages based on the needs of each unique brand. Jen works to understand each client’s business and ensures success by reviewing metrics monthly, quarterly and annually, and makes adjustments as needed. I trust her implicitly to work directly with clients; she always secures buy-in from all stakeholders, clearly communicates strategies and tactics and is open and responsive to questions and feedback.

Even though it’s hard to pick just one thing that stands out about Jen, I have to say it’s her collaborative spirit and ability to think beyond social media. She is always thinking about and taking into consideration the rest of the communication team’s work, such as media and content. She is an integral part of the team and plays a critical role in the success we consistently drive for clients."

Kristin Faulder, Principal, Heurisay

B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy: Clients
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