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Small Business Marketing Consultation

Expertise & Trust

"As a small business Marketing Director and team of one, I often face challenges due to limited capacity & bandwidth. Jen’s guidance, as a writer and small business consultant, has been a huge weight off my shoulders. I know I can trust her expertise in both the marketing and publication industries.

Jen is professional, prompt, reliable, and consistent, which has made working together is a true pleasure. She offers tailored solutions and practical insights which has helped me streamline several processes and create a cohesive and sustainable social media calendar, including posts content, image suggestions, and best practices.

One of my favorite facets of our dynamic is the collaborative brainstorming sessions. They are lively, fun and creative! Because I have a lot on my plate, it’s been a game-changer to have someone to bounce ideas off of and get constructive feedback. Her fresh perspective and creative input have sparked numerous ideas that I would not have come up with on my own.

I can confidently say that collaborating with Jen as both a writer and small business marketing consultant has been a transformative experience. It's evident that she genuinely cares about our success and growth as a business, and it's reassuring to know that in most cases, I don't have to make significant changes to their work. She has become a trusted partner, and I look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration."

Jessica Davis, Marketing Director, Bank of the Bluegrass

Small Business Marketing Consultation: Clients
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