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What Our Clients Have to Say

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Jessica Davis, Marketing Director

"As a small business Marketing Director and team of one, I often face challenges due to limited capacity & bandwidth...One of my favorite facets of our dynamic is the collaborative brainstorming sessions. They are lively, fun and creative! Because I have a lot on my plate, it’s been a game-changer to have someone to bounce ideas off of and receive constructive feedback. Her fresh perspective and creative input have sparked numerous ideas that I would not have come up with on my own."

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Fitz Barth, SaaS Marketing and Communications Director

"What sets Jen apart is her ability to convert analysis into action. She developed a comprehensive social media strategy that was tailored to our unique brand identity and target audience. Her strategy was not only detailed but also forward-thinking, ensuring that we stayed ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Her approach was rooted in research and best practices, which gave us the confidence to implement it with full conviction."

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Kristin Faulder, Principal

"[Jen] consistently demonstrates strong knowledge of social media best practices for our B2B clients, which she leverages based on the needs of each unique brand. Jen works to understand each client’s business and ensures success by reviewing metrics monthly, quarterly and annually, and makes adjustments as needed."

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Katheran Wasson, Associate Director of Strategic Planning

“Jen is everything you could ever want in a consultant. She supported our team on a long-term assignment, and I could always count on her to deliver on brief and on time. Working with Jen meant I could focus on the tasks in front of me, knowing the work I’d assigned to her would be taken care of, with excellence. She goes beyond the basics to ask great questions, proactively share ideas, and push the work further. Jen is an expert in marketing strategy, especially social media and content, and she stays on the forefront of industry trends. She’s completely comfortable in client-facing roles and truly became an extension of our team. Work with Jen, you won’t regret it!”

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Joe McLaughlin, Senior Manager Client Partnerships

"Jen was a MAJOR contributor in executing [client deliverables], and watching her attention to detail specific to our client's niche business was second to none. She is a true professional that shows up strong in each and every interaction, whether it’s leading a presentation with clients in an audience of 80+, or receiving direct feedback in a 1:1 setting and working with internal team members on solutions..."

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Jennie Charlton, Program Supervisor

“Jen has been an invaluable resource for the Strategic Planning team. She is organized, communicates effectively, and responds promptly. Her work clearly remains focused on the client’s needs and the deliverables promised, while ensuring the output is valuable to all key stakeholders. Jen listens to and receives feedback gracefully and professionally. We really appreciated having her expertise to guide and support our team.”

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Erin Leidy, Owner

“As a small business owner trying to grow my business and online presence, Jen at White Tulip Marketing has been excellent to work with. I think of her as a partner, someone to bounce ideas off and help with brainstorming new marketing ideas. Her expertise at social media has grown my presence to over 1,000 followers!  I know everything about puzzles but not very much about social media marketing.  The expertise in analytics has helped point our advertising budget to the correct areas, providing consistent growth. I would highly recommend her!”

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